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The lab test results for Boothbay, posted on the districts website, showed widely varying lead levels in water samples. The tests found that 46 samples from classroom sinks, fountains and bathrooms in the high school and elementary school had lead levels below the EPA standard of 20 micrograms per liter of water. But 27 other samples exceeded the EPA standard with concentrations as high as 1,100 micrograms per liter at one sink at Boothbay Region Elementary School. Carlson said Boothbay schools receive municipal water, which undergoes regular testing, so its likely that the water is somehow picking up lead in the pipes or fixtures within the school. Carlson said Dirigo Engineering Group will conduct more testing next week, while students are on vacation, to try to find the source of the problem. The high school was built in 1954, while the elementary school was built in 1977. Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-South Portland, has proposed a bill that would require school districts to conduct water-safety office water cooler testing. Millett said lawmakers are still looking at how to pay for fixing any problems that might be found, especially at schools that need extensive repairs. The cost of not addressing this will be much larger than the cost of addressing it now, Millett said.

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